eMastercam is a source for information related to Mastercam CAD/CAM Software.


eMastercam was started in 2000 as a means to connect and communicate with Mastercam users all over the world. Since then it has grown into an active community centre for sharing Mastercam technical knowledge, applications, beta testing, suggestions and results.


Beyond the realm of Mastercam Software, eMastercam is one of the best online forums for swapping knowledge of CNC machines, tools, manufacturing processes and technology. The more you help others on the forum, the more help you can expect to get when you need it.


After hours, eMastercam continues to be a place for Machinists, Engineers and other personnel in the manufacturing industry to connect, share stories, opinions and get to know each other beyond the parts we make and the tools we use.


In its latest iteration, eMastercam extends beyond the forum to offer a wiki style help system where key contributors can help build the best Mastercam resource on the web.


eMastercam is hosted and maintained by In-House Solutions – Mastercam Sales & Support for Canada since 1984. Internationally, In-House Solutions is recognized for their series of Mastercam Training Solutions and Post-Processor development capabilities.