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NEW Lathe-C&Y Axis Toolpaths


New to the library for Mastercam X8 is the “Lathe C and Y Axis Toolpaths Training Tutorial”. This was likely the most requested topic for us to cover over the past little while so we’re excited to say that we’ve got it covered for X8!


The Mastercam X8 Lathe – C&Y Axis Toolpaths Training Tutorial is intended for the advanced lathe user that wants to learn how to program lathe parts that include milling operations. Advanced C-Axis toolpaths as well as the Y-axis rotation will be described in this book. Examples on how to use the Mill toolpaths on a Lathe with Live Tooling are also incorporated.

Click here for a free sample PDF

Also, if you missed our mid-cycle additions this past year, be sure to check out the new Mastercam X8 CAD Import & Mill Level 1 Toolpaths Tutorial and its Mill Level 3 counterpart. These titles are specifically developed for intermediate to experienced Mastercam users who are primarily importing geometry from another CAD software package in lieu of creating the geometry within Mastercam.

There is more than we could possibly talk about here so head over to the store and download the Mastercam X8 Training Solutions brochure for details!