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New features in the Downloads section.

Posted by Webby , in Features, Downloads, Announcement 17 January 2011 · 1,140 views

Has it already been two and a half months since we re-launched eMastercam? I believe it has. As promised upon launch, this is a platform that will evolve over time. We have been working behind the scenes on various sections of the website that may not be noticeable to the typical user but they're there. Today however, I would like to draw your attention to something that is quite noticeable: the new changes to the downloads section.

When you visit the downloads section now, what you'll see is the new portal interface. Let's do a brief tour.

Posted Image

Where previously, the the Downloads section looked much like a forum with files instead of topics, the new interface makes it easier than ever before to see what has recently been added, what is highest rated and which files people are watching for updates.

On the left, you'll see a list of categories much like we have in the store. You'll note the little triangle to the left of some of the categories. This is a toggle switch to expand all of the sub-categories beneath it. The page will populate with random files from its sub categories unless you specifically filter using this menu. Also note the numbers to the right. This indicates how many files exist under each category. The "View all" link takes you to a view much like the old way we had displayed things.

Posted Image

The three panes in the middle of the screen allow you to quickly scan through the recent additions, etc by scrolling to the right using the navigation arrows at each end. On the very right of the screen, you'll see the top downloaded files. We have one more addition coming to this portal page to keep an eye out for, but in the meantime you can explore the current changes.

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