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Profiles get working Location fields.

Posted by Webby , in Features 15 March 2011 · 1,108 views

feature location field
Quite possibly the number one request received since the launch of the new website was the ability for a member to post their location. After all, the old forum had it, why didn't this one? Well today folks, it has arrived. Why so long, you ask? Good question. It should have been a simple addition but as we all know, not everything in life ends up being as simple as it should be :)

If you're at all interested in the reasons, read on - otherwise skip this paragraph. :) We set out to add the location field, and had it working for some but the vast majority couldn't see it. That's no good we thought! So going back and messing with things ended up causing inexplicable database corruption that would nether let us add or remove the half-implemented location field. We tried a number of things and eventually got it to work - a day before our first big crash that forced us to revert to an earlier backup. The changes were gone. Admittedly a little shaken from the setback, we vowed not to make any more changes until appropriate precautions were taken. So between that and a number of other things that came up of arguably higher importance, the poor location field remained all but forgotten.

Several platform upgrades later and with enough time passed to settle the nerves (you get that I'm being mostly dramatic, right?) we tackled it again. This time things went as smoothly as they should have the first round. We have a location field folks, and I'm here to tell you how to use it.

  • Make sure you're logged in.
  • From the member drop-down menu, select My Settings.
Posted Image

3. Select the Profile tab.

Posted Image

4. Scroll down until you see the Other Information section, under which you will see the Location field.

Posted Image

5. Enter you location if you choose. This will show up in your profile as well as under your avatar in posts within the forum.

This field has also been added to the registration form so new members will have the opportunity to add this information while registering. That's all for today folks! Nice and easy - as it should have been the first go-round. Thanks for hanging in there.

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