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Phase 1

Posted by Webby , 03 August 2012 · 2,283 views

upgrades emastercam
So the new version of eMastercam has landed! We hesitate to call it eMastercam 2.0, however, a lot of changes happened behind the scenes and these changes will allow us to make even better use of the platform moving forward. We have a pretty long list of things that we will now be able to roll out say, between now and the end of the year (of course, the fun won’t stop there!).

As of today, certain areas of the site will have change more than others. Perhaps the most immediately noticeable will be the cleaned up look of the forums themselves. Cleaner lines, no longer full-width-stretched-all-the-way-across-your-widescreen-monitor (instead, there’s a nice amount of padding on the sides to frame the site’s content). The rest of the site (store, downloads section, blogs, gallery etc.) have also received some redesign however we will still have a few tweaks to make to the visuals here and there.

There have been changes beyond cleaning up the look as well. As you explore, you’ll notice little features like a new post editor that allows you to switch between BB code mode and rich text mode without a browser re-load. It allows you to paste from different sources more easily, say from Microsoft Word or you can specify that your content be pasted as plain text (to remove formatting).

Also, as you type, the editor checks to see if there is any new content. If there is, it will save what you’ve written. If anything happens to your page, upon reloading you’ll see it has stored your content and you can quickly restore it. You won’t lose another post to a browser crash or server time out. Oh, you’ll also be notified if new posts have been made while you’re writing yours!

We have also streamlined the registration process, made the community calendar easier to use and improved the “View New Content” tracking among many other things.
This post is really just an overview of some of the changes. We will be following up with a closer look at individual features and future plans as well. Until then, enjoy!

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Hey Webby, when you gonna fix the mobile theme?
Mobile theme is fixed! Sorry - been on holidays :)
When people use emoticons now, all I see is the 'word'.gif now instead of the of the actual emoticon. How do I fix that?
Aug 21 2012 03:26 PM
When I try to insert a picture the whole screen grays and I have to go back a page to get out. Same thing for inserting links. I'm using Firefox. Any way I can work around this?
The site relies heavily on javascript. Be sure your browser has javascript enabled. (It should be on any home computer unless it was purposefully disabled).

Re: emoticons, are they in new or old posts? A new set of emoticons came with the upgrade (cleaner looking). Until the old sets are re-loaded, they will not appear. If people use the new ones though, they should show.
Also, the issue with the member profile menu (when you click your name on the upper right of the screen) coming up behind the search bar has been fixed.

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