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eMastercam site status updates - official eMastercam Twitter account.

Posted by Webby , in Announcement 05 April 2011 · 527 views

Early this morning eMastercam was inaccessible to the world thanks to some upgrades our host was doing that didn't exactly go as planned. This resurrected the thought that we need an official outlet that doesn't rely on our host to communicate when situations like this arise. As such, we have decided to start using our @emastercam twitter handle. Sure the profile can use some work in the looks department to make it more official, but for now it will function just fine as another means of communication.

So if you find yourself not able to reach eMastercam for one reason or another, that should be your first place to look - so follow us there! www.twitter.com/emastercam

What is important to know is that we're (obviously) back thanks to our host reverting some changes it made and working with their upstream partners to figure out what went wrong. What it could also mean is that we'll experience another rocky stage as they try and finish the new router implementation.

For the more technically inclined / curious, here is the official word:

At the end of the maintenance window, a small number of routes were found to be
rejected by our other providers connected to an adjacent border router. You were
affected by this issue.

We were unable to clear the rejection state on the routes in question and began
the process of reverting the changes to restore connectivity. However, there was
an issue with the upstream provider which was carrying the routes, first
involving a bgp session not restoring after reverting the change, and second
involving stuck route rejections on the remote end.

After investigating the issue alongside the upstream provider, we have been
able to resolve this issue. At this time, the network is reverted to its
original state.

We are in the process of investigating the rejection states on the routes in
question, and are working to resolve that issue.

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