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Welcome to the Wiki, here you will find a living database of articles on concepts and uses of Mastercam. The wiki is user driven and may be populated by solutions from the community forum. The idea is that the eMastercam forum is a valuable resource - lets maintain the valued information in a central area so as not to be lost to the ever changing forum threads. Take note that some functionality may be version, or level dependent so ensure you are reading information pertinent to your purchased and installed level and version of Mastercam.

When possible in articles, please try to make note of what versions and levels the article pertains to.
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Engraving Center of stick Font

(Original thread by Colin Gilchrist)

Engraving is not designed to pocket with a regular endmill. It is designed to take a V bit tool (usually 90 degrees or less included angle) and route out the letter. You need to use a tool with a larger diameter than the letters (I would say at least 30% wider).

Try this quick example:

Use Create > Letters

Change the Font to MCX BLOCK FONT (not box).
Letters: TEST (use caps)
Alignment: Horizontal
Height: .5
Spacing: .1

Put the starting location of the letters at the system origin.

You should now have the letters TEST spelled out in outline form.

Now create the toolpath.

Toolpaths > Engraving

Define a new tool, make the tool type and "engraving tool".

On the engrave tool parameters tab enter the following parameters.

Diameter: .002 (this is the inner tip diamter)
Outside Diamter: .5
Taper angle: 45
You can leave the defaults for the rest.

Under the engraving parameters
Top of stock: 0.0 abs
Depth: -.5 abs

Under Rough/Finish tab:
Rough: disabled
Smooth Contours: disabled

When you generate this toolpath, you will get a warning telling you "the programmed depth of cut for this operation is too deep for the selected tool. The maximum depth for this tool is -.2495".

Leave it set to "use maximum depth for selected tool" and let it generate.


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