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  2. JB7280

    Optirough Efficiency

    Ok, I think that makes sense. I do like the view sheets in this case. I've never actually used them. My issue was using the same part model, but changing the orientation of the parts, which you seem to have fixed by only reusing 1, then copying. My original plan was to put toolpath on 1 part, then use transforms for the second part, but I couldn't seem to get the transforms to work how I wanted. I noticed you have 2 stock models. 1 as a single part, and 1 as both parts. You included both, just to show both options, but would normally only have one or the other, correct? Thanks for taking a look at it. For sure. I appreciate the feedback.
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  4. Marvin11AAA

    Mill/Turn machines ont available

    Besides, martercam has it' s own contact form that may be used to communicate.
  5. David Colin

    Optirough Efficiency

    There are several ways to make it. It depends how you want to organize your work. On complex parts i usually make one file equals one setup. However, here, part is simple so it'd be perhaps better to get all setups in the same file. There are several ways to achieve it but my strategy is usually to move fixtures (not part designs) and use WCS/viewsheets. In your case it's a little tricky as you're using one stock model for 2 parts. I usually keep 1 part per stock model (except if i need to verify) it makes things easier. Then, I made a mesh from your OP1 stock model for 1 part only and made a copy of this mesh for 2nd part. Then make another stock model from these 2 if needed. I updated your file here:
  6. crazy^millman

    Optirough Efficiency

    Sigh unseen. WCS and then new Toolpath group for Setup 2. I will review later. I want to give others time to review and give feedback. No one gives you an answer by the end of the day then I will give you my thoughts. Fair enough?
  7. Whenever I add a machine, I get the error shown in the attached image. Did a file get moved? Where do I copy the file back to?

    Project File Manager folder location

    Are you programming one machine? Had to re-read. Does the folder pop up on under "recent folder" if so you can hit the pin icon to pin that location to always pop up on the recent files when going to save.
  9. I'm trying to get Mastercam to always default to my Desktop when saving a new project. I want to create one folder on my Desktop which contains all the mcam files, solids, NC files, notes, drawings, etc. Apparently I can do this with the Project Manager, but it's default location is \Shared Mastercam 2020\. Every time I open Mastercam and start a new project, it directs me there instead of my Desktop. It's tedious and annoying to have to constantly navigate back to the Desktop to open the folder I've already made at this point. It's a computer; this should be (a) automatic and (b) configurable. Is there a way to point Mastercam in the right direction?
  10. gcode

    external GPU for Mastercam?

    Radeon is a last choice for Mastercam, GeForce is a gaming card, but OK for light work Quadro is the preferred choice for Mastercam Here is the latest benchmark thread Benchmark 3.0 - Industrial Forum -
  11. JB7280

    Optirough Efficiency

    I didn't want to create a new thread with the same part. For OP2 I want to position the parts roughly as they are in level 210. How would you go about laying that out? A seperate file? Would you create solids of the first operation finish state, and create an all new setup, or continue working off of the original stock model? The second op transition is where things always get a little confusing for me. I put an updated file in dropbox, because it's now too big to upload.
  12. Leon82

    Toolpath lock

    If it's locked and ghosted It may be white or half and half
  13. Yesterday
  14. Leon82


    JP actually save the z retract height on mine but I cant find it thru search. It's something like this Initht=z_retract Found it I think I had a reverse the order though I don't remember it was a long time ago
  15. Leon82


    I set a probe flag. In prapid out I told it if probe flag equals 1 and tool number = 60 and drill cycle greater than 7 use protected position cycle. It outputs like this. So ever move is protected except for the initial. I can change that as well except we haven't really needed to yet.
  16. byte me

    Post Processor coding

    Yeah I knew that going in, I was purely speaking on the User Defined varables. Yeah I was thinking more for new posts, updating existing posts using find and replace could be error prone..
  17. JParis

    Post Processor coding

    If a variable has a $ at the end, it's a system variable and that name cannot be changed Those of us who have dug around in posts for awhile know what the other variables are... If you were going to write your own post engine, yeah I can see it...if you're modding existing posts, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to rewrite a huge portion of what already works. JM2C
  18. Hi all, I've been practicing the post processing writing a bit this weekend. I noticed the user defined names in the posts I see are a bit unclear as to what they do a lot of shortened names, For my posts that I'm writing I think I might use a camel case like we do for the chook and nethook programming. In the following example the user defines variables are written like this stringOpenParentheses : "(" #String for open parenthesis "(" stringCloseParentheses : ")" #String for close parenthesis ")" stringDelimiter : "|" #String for delimiter I think that makes it more clear to the end user what everything does. JM2c [POST_VERSION] #DO NOT MOVE OR ALTER THIS LINE# V23.00 P0 E1 W23.00 T1596718960 M23.00 I0 O1 # Post Name : CUSTOM POST # Product : Mastercam # Machine Name : MACHINE # Control Name : CONTROL # Description : MASTERCAM POST # Subprograms : YES # Executable : MP v11.0 # Post Revision : 0 # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- Break ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # -------- Start of Miscellaneous Strings -------- # stringOpenParentheses : "(" #String for open parenthesis "(" stringCloseParentheses : ")" #String for close parenthesis ")" stringDelimiter : "|" #String for delimiter # -------- End of "Miscellaneous Strings" -------- # # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- Break ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # -------- Stat of "Header Info" -------- # pheader$ #Call before start of file "%", e$ !spaces$, spaces$ = 0 spathnc$ = ucase(spathnc$) smcname$ = ucase(smcname$) stck_matl$ = ucase(stck_matl$) snamenc$ = ucase(snamenc$) stringOpenParentheses, "MCX FILE - ", *smcpath$, *smcname$, *smcext$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ stringOpenParentheses, "NC FILE - ", *spathnc$, *snamenc$, *sextnc$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ stringOpenParentheses, "MATERIAL - ", *stck_matl$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ spaces$ = prv_spaces$ # -------- End of Header Info -------- # # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- Break ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # -------- Start of "Comment Info" -------- # pcomment$ #(must call pcomment2 if booleans) pcomment2 pcomment2 #Output Comment from manual entry !spaces$, spaces$ = 0 scomm$ = ucase (scomm$) if gcode$ = 1008, stringOpenParentheses, scomm$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ #Operation comment if gcode$ = 1051, stringOpenParentheses, scomm$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ #Machine name if gcode$ = 1052, stringOpenParentheses, scomm$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ #Group comment if gcode$ = 1053, stringOpenParentheses, scomm$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ #Group name if gcode$ = 1054, stringOpenParentheses, scomm$, stringCloseParentheses, e$ #File Descriptor spaces$ = prv_spaces$ ##### Stop custom changes ##### # -------- End of "Comment Info" -------- # # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- Break ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # -------- Start of "Start Of File" Info -------- # psof$ #Start of file for non-zero tool number ##### Custom changes allowed below ##### peof0$ #End of file for tool zero peof$ #End of file for non-zero tool # -------- End of "Start Of File" Info -------- # # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- Break ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # ---------------------- ------------------------# # -------- Start of "End Of File" Info -------- # peof$ #Write the G28 A0. Line n$, "G28", "A0.", e$ #Write the % EOF Line n$, "M30", e$ #Write the M30 Line #mergesub$ #clearsub$ #mergeaux$ #clearaux$ "%", e$ #End Region # -------- End of "End Of File" Info -------- #
  19. taperlength

    Threadmilling problem

    For a UNJC thread make it the max minor hole diameter, .094 inch. Another trick is to run progressively bigger passes, starting .001 higher each time so its cutting on one side like a lathe threading tool.
  20. Last week
  21. huskermcdoogle

    Circle mill success?

    I try to helical ramp at cutter diameter x 2 - corner radius. Then unless I am dropping the feed rate to say 40% of my normal feed, I will try to ramp at less than the gash dish angle, which in most cases will be less than 2 degrees. Some endmills can handle more aggressive ramping parameters, but this would normally be a pretty safe bet. If ramping at less than the diameter above you will need to back off on your feed some depending on the diameter and angle as your typical 4,5,6,7,or 8 flute tool will not be that many effective to the center, and will have more effective flutes the further you get away from the center. Remember the tool cuts on the front and the back edge of the tool, so the effective torque and forces are greater than when cutting normally in plane.
  22. Mdixon

    external GPU for Mastercam?

    It would help if you gave us your system specifications so we know where you are starting. Personally I have had better luck with Nvidia Geforce cards rather than Radeons, although newer Radeons may be fine too. I'm using a Geforce GTX 760 which runs fine on MC 2021.
  23. crazy^millman

    Optirough Efficiency

    Well running some CAV on a 1650 operation part for a DMU80 DuoBlock Mill/Turn so killing time waiting for it to get done. Glad to help. Have a good weekend.
  24. JB7280

    Optirough Efficiency

    Awesome, Thanks again for the help. I didn't expect a reply on a Friday night, haha.
  25. crazy^millman

    Optirough Efficiency

    Okay I get it about the holders sorry. The stock shape has to match if not then the toolpath is looking to that stock and not sure how to go about it. Your stock is really the boundary and yes OPTI-ROUGH will do some weird things when the top of stock is even a little off. The start point is changed on wireframe on a solid chain you cannot change it like that. Nothing wrong with area mill to finish the top. Many ways to go about whatever gets you what you want is good enough.
  26. JB7280

    Optirough Efficiency

    I'm not able to change the start point. I right clicked the chain, and clicked start point, then it gives me fwd, or back choices. Both of them are ineffective because it's just a closed edge. Do I need to make that wireframe in order to change the startpoint? And one additional ?...finishing the top face, I used an area mill, staying off the wall of the boss, followed by a contour of the boss. Is there a better way? I usually try to avoid area mill, as I don't care for the entry/exit arcs (not enough control, and unnecessary code for our older machines), and I don't care for the aesthetics of dynamic paths as finishing. Maybe I'm just being too damn picky though!!
  27. cncappsjames


    Our Matsuura 5-Axis machines are set this way as well.
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