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Professional Courseware

4 files

  1. From $39.99

    Mastercam 2018 Lathe Professional Courseware (PDF)

    Ideal for industrial training settings, the Mastercam 2018 Lathe Professional Courseware offers an in-depth look at Mastercam lathe geometry and toolpath creation.

    Training exercises and drawings covering the 2D geometry functionality are provided to promote learning through practice. Additional Mastercam files are also provided along with guidelines for creating the toolpaths to machine each part. Advanced toolpaths such as the Misc Ops and C-Axis toolpaths are also described within this book.


  2. From $39.99

    Mastercam 2018 Mill Advanced Professional Courseware (PDF)

    The Mastercam 2018 Mill Advanced Professional Courseware is intended for industrial training. This book covers a multitude of features that allow a trainee to create 3D wireframes and surfaces for 3D modeling and toolpaths. Interactive training exercises introduce 3D geometry functionality while surface toolpaths are thoroughly investigated as well as their various parameter settings; Surface High Speed toolpaths are also in depth covered. Supplementary Mastercam files and guidelines are provided for creating toolpaths to successfully machine each part within the book. Also covered here, is Machine Simulation which checks for any collisions between the part, the tool and any of the machine’s components.


  3. From $39.99

    Mastercam 2018 Mill Essentials Professional Courseware (PDF)

    The Mastercam 2018 Mill Essentials Professional Courseware is ideal for industrial training. Our exercise based approach to both the presentation and teaching of the material provides users with excellent opportunities to apply what they have learned. Users put the concepts they are taught to practice by creating parts based on a series of drawings, using 2D wireframe, solids, and toolpath creation with just a few guidelines. Supplement files and accompanying exercises are provided to reinforce the theory. The material provides outstanding coverage of contour, pocket, drilling, circle milling and slot milling toolpaths. More advanced exercises explain the use of Work Coordinate System (WCS), 2D High Speed toolpaths, Feature Based Machining (FBM) and more.


  4. From $39.99

    Mastercam 2018 Multiaxis Professional Courseware (PDF)

    The Mastercam 2018 Multiaxis Professional Courseware is designed to be used in an industrial training setting. It details numerous toolpaths that allow a trainee to successfully machine 4-axis and 5-axis parts. Specific exercises are provided with instruction on how to define the toolpath geometry, the tool axis orientation and the tip control. The Advanced multiaxis toolpaths have been included with more complex parts along with instructions on how to machine them. The new Machine Simulation is also covered to check for any collisions between the part, the tool and any of the machine’s components.


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