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    Multiple Work Offset Post

    Mastercam V8 or V9 in combination with a newer V8 or V9 post has imbedded subprogram support for depth cuts, and toolpath transformations.
    This post is however specifically used to efficiently program multiple identical parts using subprograms and incrementing Work Coordinate System values (G54, G55, G56, etc.). Click here to view sample output.
    Program a part once, and specify the number of required repetitions under Misc Values.
    The Z2G file extension indicates a Zip2Go file created by Mastercam. You can associate these files with WinZip. Ensure that you preserve the directory structure when extracting. This file contains the post, the Control Definition, and a generic Machine Definition.
    Click "Download File" below for the following options:

    Mastercam Work Offset Post for Version X Mastercam Work Offset Post for Version 9 Mastercam Work Offset Post for Version 8 Sample Output



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