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Tools include:

  • Hole Axis - used to quickly get the center points and vectors
  • Minimum Bounding Box - lets you select surfaces or solids and automatically calculates the smallest block of material in free space with options to lock the rotation if needed
  • Hidden Line - changes surface model display for screen printing
  • Screen Shot - takes screen shot and opens in MSPaint
  • NotePad - used to add and save notes into your model
  • Auto Flip Normals – used to automatically flip surface normals in or out on surface models.
  • Power Select - used to select multiple surfaces with minimal efforts, select seed surface and it automatically selects all the connecting neighbors that are tangent or use the “V” hot key fast selection of all surfaces pointing towards Gveiw, this is great for organizing part separation. Once selected you can change color, level or anything else Mastercam can do with selected surfaces.

They are for 32 & 64bit.

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Verisurf tools has been updated to Verisurf 6.1.



We fixed the slowdown issues with dynamic rotation on large shaded models. It’s now lightning fast!

Added a few new free tools.


New for MBD operations.

  • Captured Views; this saves your view state, MBD display state and level state, all with nice animated graphic display when changing between captured views.
  • We also improved the Verisurf Operation Manager tree layout options and added unlimited sub groups.
  • New Auto Hole Axis;


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