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Mplmaster - Master G-Code Post - Version X7

About This File

Mplmaster is based on CNC Software's master lathe post - Mplfan - but offers additional features.


eMastercam.com is operated by In-House Solutions Inc. - Authorized Canadian Distributor. Please do not email post requests or support questions. For post requests or support contact your local reseller.


Click the download button above to download Mplmaster for X7. It's our master configurable lathe post.


You may also download instructions for:

Email feedback to our Post Department.


Special Features

  • X7 specific parameter updates to maintain previous functionality
  • X coolant support
  • X comment support
  • Compatible with machine def changes for machine configurations
    • Y-axis
    • C-axis and required output type

    [*]File header tool table

    [*]Sets work offset style in post, not in Misc Values

    [*]G12.1, G07.1 output format

    [*]G12.1 paths don't need to start at C0, approach with X and C then z

    [*]Cross mill from top or front plane

    [*]Part transfer with spindle synch

    [*]Spindle synch roughed in

    [*]Indexing mode setup

    [*]Lathe and Mill drill cycles setup, longhand output for drill and peck (No G81/G82)

    [*]Enhanced tapping

    [*]Type 1 and Type 2 G71 roughing support

    [*]Feed G code at toolchange

    [*]End Constant Surface Speed paths with RPM output

    [*]Mill/Drill feed in Unit/Rev support

    [*]Canned threading options

    • thdang = rad2deg$ * thdangle$ #lead-in angle
    • thdang = rad2deg$ * thda1$ #half of the thread angle
    • thdang = rad2deg$ * thda2$ #thread angle (full included angle)

    [*]Forced R output for arcs in G07.1

    [*]Clamp and Brake code output with overrides

    [*]G28/G30 home select

    [*]Addressed - cross cutting operation with rotary axis turned on, post output matches backplot

    [*]Addressed - full arc moves on face with rotary axis turned on


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This the lathe post I base nearly all my lathe posts on. WAY cleaner than the standard default MC post.

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