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This is a free utility written by MTB Technical Services that generates the cycle data correctly for whatever thread you need. It's especially helpful for tapered threads.


It's the perfect companion to the Vargus TT-GEN app and can only help people get more comfortable with G76. Keep in mind that this utility is just a simple little tool for properly formatting the output from the data you enter. If you're cutting anything other than a standard UN/ISO Thread, you'll need to know the proper radial thread depth.


The input fields will evaluate expressions so if you have a 4-Pitch API thread you can simply type 1/4 in the input field and it will evaluate to 0.25. The Taper angle will also evaluate the trig needed based on the known taper per foot. For an API Thread with 2" of Taper per foot, you can enter atn(1/12) or atan(1/12) to get the actual per-side angle value.


Visit the MTB Tech Blog for more CNC Engineering, CAD/CAM and software development posts.

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