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Save some time with Haas Drill Cycle Settings

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There are a couple tricks I thought I would share for Haas machines. One saves time, the other increases accuracy.

The first setting I always check on a machine has to do with the accuracy of how drill cycles are executed. Setting 57 tells the Haas Control to force "Exact Stop Mode" to be active for any Canned Cycle. This will ensure the machine is checking the XY location to be sure you are positioned as accurately as possible. This does effect the speed at which your machine can run the cycle, so be aware of that. Only use it when you require the true position accuracy to be enhanced. 

If you don't want or need to force Exact Stop Mode for all cycles, then you can also use G61 to put the machine in Exact Stop Mode when you want it, and you can disable Exact Stop with A G64.

You can also use Non-Modal Exact Stop, by placing a G9 on an individual line of NC Code. G9 only applies to the line it is coded on. So technically you could have a Drill Cycle which cuts 10 holes, but put Exact Stop on only 3 of the line if you wanted to.



For saving time; Setting 52 can help. 

Most programmers will place their R Plane for a G83 Peck Cycle at a large distance from the Top of Stock, in order for there to be enough chip clearance. Say you want to retract to 0.25 above the start of the hole, so you put your R Plane as R0.25, but your Peck value is only Q0.05. This means when your cycle executes, you are drilling a quarter inch of air (5 pecks)!

Setting 52 is an 'incremental retract in Z, from the commanded R Plane. So you can program a R Plane of say R.02 and Setting 52 as 0.48, you'll get your retract position for clearing chips (at rapid) of 0.500, but you won't waste the time drilling that empty air.


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