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Best language to learn?

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I have done some minor programming years ago and would like to learn this arena.  If you were new and had limited time which area would you study first?  C++, C#, vbscript, .net. Are there more?


steve austin

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Assuming you are talking about automating Mastercam I would recommend .NET, either C# or VB.NET, at least initially. .NET is more approachable that C++ with less of a learning curve and there are tons of resources out there too.

We have a getting started document and sample projects on our website under 3rd Party Developers that should be your starting point for Mastercam development once you have studied some general .NET

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1 hour ago, lowcountrycamo said:

 C++, C#, vbscript, .net. Are there more?

You may also if you wish write Nethooks using F# or C++/Cli. I personally use C++/CLI since it gives access all the functions available in both the .NET API and the public chook SDK.

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