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How do I use post questions ....yes or no to prompt for tool sequence number output?

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Here's one I have set up to determine Rotary type output

Define the variable and the questions

index_set   : 1        #Default setting for force index is 1(Use in Indexer Mode)
fq 1 index_set "Full Rotary or Indexer (0=Full Rotary, 1=Indexer)"


Then in  my header..I have the post ask the question, user input to determine setting, manipulate the desired setting

 header = 0
      force_index = index_set
      if force_index > 1 | force_index < 0, force_index = 1
      if index_set > 1 | index_set < 0, result = mprint(sindexwarn), exitpost$, e$

I have a waring if the input isn't proper



That's a basic thing I use...there are all kinds of what it can be might be better for you to ask how to do something specific...the coding then can be tailoer to provide a better example


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Hi John,

What i want to do is have the user answer yes or no when the question pops up. I have added this logic tor a tool n number that equals the tool number/

 fmt "N0" 4 tool_cntr   #For tool sequence numbers
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
#Tool sequence numbers
tool_cntr = t$      

pbld, tool_cntr = toolno
       *tool_cntr, e$

I want to have the user output the tool secuence numbers with a YES answer and not output them with a NO answer.

I realize that I'll have to create more variables

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