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The mystery of plane$ and y-axis lathes

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Was adding a little logic to an MPLFAN post and ran into a bit of silliness. Basically, I just wanted to set a variable based off of the value of plane$. Should be easy enough, it can only be 1 of four values and you can grab it from pretty much anywhere in a mill post. So off I went:

if plane$ = zero, my_var = one
if plane$ = one, my_var = three


no matter what I did, it always spat out one. So, I just set my_var = plane$ and yup, big ol zero. Moved it all over the post to see if it would change the outcome and pulled my hair out realizing every nci line that it outputs plane$ for mill, it sure doesn't for lathe.

I ended up tracing where the post digs out sg17-sg19 and was able to set my_var there, but seems like a bassackwards way of getting to it. Anyone know where/if plane$ is actually output anywhere during lathe toolpath processing and I missed it? Or does it actually not get treated the same as in a mill toolpath? 

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