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How long to get a new post?

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Hey guys, we've been tasked in getting a new post for our Mazak Variaxis i700. We submitted a request through In-House and unfortunately they made us go through our atrocious extremely slow reseller. Everytime we ask out reseller for virtually anything we send an email/call for example on a Monday, after hearing nothing, send another email/call the following Monday, hear nothing, then Friday our boss is really breathing down our neck and finally the third time we get a reply but its generally half a sentence reply and still doesn't accomplish anything. We just NEVER get anywhere with them. We desperately need this post ASAP to get proved in before our new parts get here. We've been in this process for weeks now. We did get the quote back from our reseller and accepted it and haven't heard anything since. They haven't requested any more information from us. Is there someone at In-House we can talk to directly, hoping our reseller has sent the post request in? How long should this take?


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I think that after we accepted the quote from our Re-seller and issued a P.O., we had our new post within two weeks.  They sent ours through Postability.  And any changes that we have needed they have gotten fixed within a week.


Good luck!


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Here is a link to our post request form.

If you fill this out we normally submit a quote to the reseller the same day, or early the next day depending on when it received.

Delivery times on new post can very based on the complexity of the machine. Usually about a week. Quick changes and rush scenarios often also get expedited.

I will message you directly through eMastercam to continue this discussion.

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