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Drilling Hole Counts & angle between them

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kindly help me. To detect the number hole to selected in drilling  & angle between the hole.

Is there any parameter or std. variable for no. of hole & Angle between them

row_holes : 1
fmt "T" 4 row_holes
      if yinc,
        *row_holes e$
        pfxout pfyout
        row_holes = 1
        row_holes = row_holes + 1



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The number of entities in an operation is stored in parameter 15083.


Are you talking about the angle between holes in 3D space or the XY plane?

For 3D space you'll need to determine the vector of a hole, then use the below formula to determine the angle.



If you want the angle between holes in the XY plane atan2 should work. 

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you can use the dot3 MP function.

result = dot3(a,b)

where a and b are the first variable of two different unitized 3D vectors. In this case you will want to use the tool vectors of the two drill points you want to measure in between.

since the vectors are unitized, the denominator of the formula above will collapse to 1.

Thus the angle between would be the cosine of result.

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