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Work Offset & Tool Length macro

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Hello everyone,
   I have a NIIGATA HORIZONTAL and it is pretty much using MACRO.  Right now I have to edit by hand as the MACRO #530 for the tool length offset.  I also would like to find the macro # for work offset.  like this...




Thank you for the info


(SOURCE = 0042-22098 REV02.MCAM)
(POSTED ON MAR.24.2020 AT 6*04AM)
(304 STAINLESS, BAR STOCK = X15.00 Y15.00 Z1.00)
#530 = 1 (T1= .5, 1/2 EM, U, 3FLTS CB * Z0.)                       =============> Good code
#530 = 2 (T2= .5, 1/2 SPOTTER, * Z-.1825)                           =============> Good code
#530 = 3 (T3= .201, #7 STUB DRILL, * Z-.7104)                   =============> Good code
#530 = 4 (T4= .25, 1/4-20 CUT TAP, * Z-.5)                           =============> Good code
#530 = 5 (T5= .242, LTR. C STUB DRILL, * Z-.7127)             =============> Good code
#530 = 6 (T6= .3125, 5/16 STUB DRILL, * Z-.8589)             =============> Good code
#530 = 7 (T7= .251, .2510 REAMER, * Z-.5)                          =============> Good code
#530 = 8 (T8= .375, 3/8-16 CUT TAP, * Z-.515)                   =============> Good code
(G54)              =============> What is the macro# for the work offset number?
(Z0 = -.015 CLEAN UP)
(CYCLE TIME = 26M 51.91S)
G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90(13M 24.82S)
G91 G28 Z0 M19(Z STK= .005)
G17(XY PLANE) G28 Y0.
T=#530 M6(.5000,1/2 EM, U, CB, 2.000RLF,)            =============> Good code
G90 G54 S4000 M3 (.375 MAX., 75PERC STPOVR)
X-8.05 Y7.3749
G43 H=#530 Z1. T2 M8(DOC= Z.005)                        =============> Good code
G17(XY PLANE) G90 Z.0675

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Steven you just need to define that as a variable string and then use it.

Here are some I defined some years ago from probing on an Integrex:

strg659530   : "G65P9530" #Printing Macro Call for B90
strg659532   : "G65P9532" #Offset Update Macro for B90
strg659610   : "G65P9610" #Probe Protect Cycle for B90
strg659611   : "G65P9611" #XYZ Single Surface Measure B90
strg659612   : "G65P9612" #Web / Pocket Measure B90
strg659614   : "G65P9614" #Bore / Boss B90
strg659618   : "G65P9618" #C Axis Measure - Vertical B90
strg659619   : "G65P9619" #Bore / Boss on PCD B90
strg659621   : "G65P9621" #Angle Single Surface Measure B90
strg659622   : "G65P9622" #Angle Web / Pocket Measure B90
strg659623   : "G65P9623" #3-Point Bore / Boss Measure B90
strg659634   : "G65P9634" #Feature to Feature Measure B90
strg659650   : "G65P9650" #C-Axis Measure - Vertical B90
strg659730   : "G65P9730" #Printing Macro Call for B0
strg659732   : "G65P9732" #Offset Update Macro for B0
strg659810   : "G65P9810" #Probe Protect Cycle for B0
strg659811   : "G65P9811" #XYZ Single Surface Measure B0
strg659812   : "G65P9812" #Web / Pocket Measure B0
strg659814   : "G65P9814" #Bore / Boss B0
strg659818   : "G65P9818" #C Axis Measure - Horizontal B0
strg659819   : "G65P9819" #Bore / Boss on PCD B0
strg659821   : "G65P9821" #Angle Single Surface Measure B0
strg659822   : "G65P9822" #Angle Web / Pocket Measure B0
strg659823   : "G65P9823" #3-Point Bore / Boss Measure B0
strg659834   : "G65P9834" #Feature to Feature Measure B0
strg659850   : "G65P9850" #C-Axis Measure - Horizontal B0

It is a Fanuc control? If so then the standard Parameters should apply to look up the variable. You can always do the old school process of defining the variable at the start?

Are you looking to do the G10 G90 L2 P1 X.5312 Y11.284 Z.917 B0. to define the G54 from the start?

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