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Misc Value tirgger AFTER the Toolpath

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I could use some help. I tried a lot of things but just cant get what I want.

I am trying to get a Misc Value to trigger AFTER a toolpath but every thing I have tried so far, either puts my work at the END of the previous toolpath, or at the START of the toolpath where the misc value is set. I want my work to be at the END of the toolpath where the misc value is set.

I am a newbie at post edits, so I have just been pasting something like this

if mi7$ = 1,
pn, "XXXXXXXXX", pe

into various locations and watching where it posts out at but I just cant find the right spot.


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Have you tried putting it in your pl_/pm_retract? You might need to set a variable in the tool change and then call it there or ptoolend. Tough to tell with the vague description...

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You have to understand the "calling structure" of the MP Post Language, in order to understand why this is happening.

  • The call to 'pretract' happens in 'ptlchg1002$'. This is the "start tool change sequence". So, by the time you've hit 'pretract', you are already reading the "next operation's MI/MR values", as you've discovered.
  • If you are using MPMaster, there is a mechanism that was built into the Post, in order to tract the "last MI/MR values". But it only tracks a couple "by default", meaning you have to add variables to capture the rest of the values.
  • Search for 'plast'. That is the Post Block where the 'last MI/MR values' are captured.
  • Add variables in the "variable define section".
#Last variables (see plast)
last_op_id       : 0
last_cuttype     : 0
last_rot_axis    : 0
last_rotary_type : 0
last_tlplnno     : 0
last_mr1         : 0
last_mr2         : 0
#Added additional last_ values to track MI/MR values at tool change
last_mi1         : 0 #Added to track Z Variable Output Formatting
last_mi7         : 0

Then, add logic to 'plast' to capture the new values:

      last_op_id = op_id$
      last_cuttype = cuttype
      last_rotary_type = rotary_type$
      last_tlplnno = tlplnno$
      last_mr1 = mr1$
      last_mr2 = mr2$
      last_mi1 = mi1$
      last_mi7 = mi7$

Then, add your code in 'pretract' to do whatever you want with that value:

pretract        #End of tool path, toolchange
      sav_absinc = absinc$
      absinc$ = one
      sav_coolant = coolant$
      coolant$ = zero

#      if nextop$ = 1003, #Uncomment this line to leave coolant on until eof unless
#        [                 #  explicitely turned off through a canned text edit
        if all_cool_off,
          #all coolant off with a single off code here
          if coolant_on, pbld, n$, *sall_cool_off, e$
          coolant_on = zero
          local_int = zero
          coolantx = zero
          while local_int < 20,
            coolantx = and(2^local_int, coolant_on)
            local_int = local_int + one
            if coolantx > zero,
              coolantx = local_int
              pbld, n$, scoolantx, e$
            coolantx = zero
          coolant_on = zero
#        ]

      #cc_pos is reset in the toolchange here
      cc_pos$ = zero
      if convert_rpd$ = one,
        gcode$ = one
        feed = maxfeedpm
        ipr_type = zero
      else, gcode$ = zero
      pbld, n$, sccomp, *sm05, psub_end_mny, e$
      pbld, n$, sgabsinc, sgcode, [if gcode$ = 1, sgfeed], *sg28, "Z0.", [if gcode$ = 1, feed], scoolant, e$
#      if lock_codes = one & rot_on_x, pbld, n$, *sunlock, sunlockcomm, e$
#      pbld, n$, *sg28, "X0.", "Y0.", protretinc, e$
#      if lock_codes = one & rot_on_x & cuttype = 0, pbld, n$, *slock, slockcomm, e$
      if abs(fmtrnd(cabs)) > 360 & nextop$ <> 1003 & not(index),
        if lock_codes = one, pbld, n$, *sunlock, sunlockcomm, e$
        rotretflg = 1
        pbld, n$, `sg28, protretinc, e$
        rotretflg = 0
        if lock_codes = one & cuttype = 0, pbld, n$, *slock, slockcomm, e$
      absinc$ = sav_absinc
      coolant$ = sav_coolant
      if last_mi7 = 1,
        #Set Z back to normal output
        result = nwadrs(str_z_pstd, zabs) #Assign original prefix string to zabs
        result = nwsufx(str_z_sstd, zabs) #Assign original suffix string to zabs?
        zabs = sav_zabs, !zabs #set current to output, update variable to maintain proper modality
        last_mi7 = zero #Reset Flag. If next op has MI7 set, it will update at PLAST


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