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Adding Lathe Tool Radius Comment In Post Processor

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I am making some modifications to my lathe post processor and would like the post to output the tool nose radius in a comment so I do not need to manually type the radius. I am using a MPLFanuc post with some basic modifications to it. Is there a command I can call to get this information from Mastercam? I would like to have a similar comment for grooving tool width as well if this is possible.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank youimage.png.429386de45ddc99ccdca45e814caefb7.png 

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first, in your post search for "fmt" and create the following variable:


then in pparameter add the following to parse the 4th piece of nci parameter 20104 to the noserad variable you just created:


add this or similar to your ptoolcomment section:


output will look like this:


This is the post I used:


It's a little easier if you're using a Postability post and will be done here:



I did this in a hurry to make you an example.  Let me know if you need more help.  Hope that helps!


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15 minutes ago, jlw™ said:

TBH, there may be a way in the tool table or pwrtt section that is easier considering all the new stuff in there but I haven't dug into that.  Maybe Dale or some one will chime in.

pnci20000$ is the preferred way to access the 20xxx and 30xxx range of parameters with the enhanced tool table.

You can also use opinfo and parse the returned string, but that method isn’t quite as efficient.



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50 minutes ago, jlw™ said:

Thanks for bringing that up Zack.  I've used opinfo a lot but to get nose radius I have that method memorized.  Can you show either of the other two methods?


The docs cover this pretty well, but here is an example of both methods being used.

insert_cr_pnci20000 : 0

    if prmcode$ = 20104,
        insert_cr_pnci20000 = rparsngl(sparameter$, 4)
insert_cr_opinfo    : 0

    sparameter$ = opinfo(20104, 0)
    insert_cr_opinfo = rparsngl(sparameter$, 4)

    ~insert_cr_opinfo, e$
    ~insert_cr_pnci20000, e$

    #// Output ->
    #// insert_cr_opinfo .03125
    #// insert_cr_pnci20000 .03125


On thing to note; pnci20000$ will not run if the pparameter$ postblock is present in the post.  

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