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Manual entry and Renishaw probung

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Hello all, I'm looking for some guidance on how to add a small macro command before my Productivity Plus probing path.  I've been adding a conditional statement at the control be fore probing, and would like to add it through Mastercam.  I thought under manual entry I could link a .txt file before and after the probing like this

R411=0 ;0 FOR NO PROBING 1 FOR PROBING  (this is at the top of program before first tool)

IF R411==0  (this is before a probing routine)


END IF  (this is before a probing routine)

SKIPPROBE:( this is after probing)

The problem seems to be Renishaw is over writing up until the previous tool path.  So I will get the SKIPPROBE: label after but, not the conditional statement before.

Just to check, added drill path in between the conditional statement and probing and then my conditional statement was there.  So my question is what is the best practice to implement something like this? 


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I found a solution!  You must add the macro while inside Probing.  Use Gcode block feature to write code inside production plus.  That way it does not over write  manual entry.

So I added a Gcode block before and after my probing cycle and it worked perfectly.  My code was nested inside of Production Plus's when posted!

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