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Converting Post VF-TR to UMC 750

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Hey yall,

I am attempting to update a generic Haas VF- TR post to accommodate my UMC 750. I have all the rotary axis and directions set, but I am getting this weird rapid motion between operations when the rotary repositions, instead of retracting and doing one single rotation, it seems to be attempting to track the x,y,z moves with the rotation. See the attached NC code, I've deleted a lot of the fluff to make it easier to read. 

I am fairly green at post editing, where do I need to be looking in the post to fix this?

Thank you!



haas post test vftr.NC

Generic Haas VF-TR_Series 5X Mill.pst

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With the "Null Toolchange" Post Block in the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill Post, there is a logic condition at the very top, which checks for several conditions.

(I'm talking about 'p_goto_strt_ntl', not the 'ptlchg0$' block.)

Those conditions are as follows:

  • if the Work Offset Value does not equal the Previous Work Offset [workofs$ <> prv_workofs$]
  • if Top Map is enabled, and the current value of 'n_tpln_mch' does not equal the previous value of 'n_tpln_mch'. [top_map & (prv_n_tpln_mch <> n_tpln_mch)]
  • if Primary Rotary Axis has moved [prv_p_abs <> fmtrnd(p_abs) OR if Secondary Rotary Axis has moved [prv_s_abs <> fmtrnd(s_abs)]

So, 'Null Tool Change' should already "detect" if there is a B or C motion. It uses the last "OR" condition in that complex "if" statement, to detect the change in Rotary Position.

In this Null Tool Change Block, you'll see two comments:

      ##### Custom changes allowed below #####
      ##### Stop custom changes #####

Make the changes you need in-between these comment lines, and you won't "break" anything.


Try adding just a "String Literal Comment" to identify 'where in the post' your output is coming from. I find this much easier to do, than run a 5-Axis Post through the Post Debugger.


      ##### Custom changes allowed below #####

        if n_tpln_mch > m_one, #Toolplane mapping mode
          #Enter your mapping scheme here...
          pbld, n$, pwcs, sgabsinc, *xabs_s, *yabs_s, *zabs_s, *p_out, *s_out, e$
          pbld, n$, *xout, *yout, *zout, e$
          pbld, n$, pwcs, sgabsinc, *xout, *yout, *zout, *p_out, *s_out, e$

      ##### Stop custom changes #####

Notice that I broke the "Else" result into a "User Defined Post Block". ( [  ] ) 

That allows "multiple lines of output", from a single "True" condition. That is the reason you see the Square Brackets on the lines that follow the "If" condition.

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