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Extended work offsets for Haas (past G129)


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Hello, I need to know how to change the generic Haas post processor to output extended work offsets PAST G129 in a G154 P## format. 

I found the place where it normally stops posting after the 25th extended offset and changed it to 104 (which would be G154 P99) but unfortunately the HAAS does not read the offsets past G129. 

So, I need to know how to either change ALL extended offsets to the G154 P## format OR change offsets past G129 to the G154 P## format. 


Any help would be great, and of course this is urgent as I am cross country doing this setup. 


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Here’s how to go all G154 from MPmaster 

     if haas,


              p_wcs = workofs$ - five        #G154 P1 to P99

              "G154", *p_wcs

              #g_wcs = workofs$ + 104        #G110 to G129



You can download the post from this site


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