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Deburring Ti castings

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Anyone have ideas on deburring Ti castings on the machine?  We have some castings we machine on a contract basis and we'd like to do more of the deburring on the machine where machined surfaces meet the cast surface.  The problem is the edge break tolerance is .005-.015" and the casting surface profile tolerance is generally 0.050" so there is no way to do this without a tool that has compliance.  Some that I have looked into are the Xebec stones that are mounted to music wire and another is something like an ATI deburring tool with built in compliance in X,Y, and Z.  Anyone have experience doing this they'd be willing to share?

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A weiler type wheeled brush?

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9 hours ago, David Colin said:

For what Bob is explaining  I am thinking something like this would be what he needs to tackle the transition between both the machined area to the cast area.




Same idea Leon has, but on a something that allows some give if needed for the variance of the cast surfaces.

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