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Post Machine Definition Spindle cannot be set as 3D vector

Doug Schaefer

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I'm at my wits end with mastercam. Was trying to set up my machine simulation to try and verify some can syces, and I kept getting this error even now when I open verify. and then after running my simulation and I close out the screen, the window turns black and mastercam crashes and I need to do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete just to close it. This happens almost 4 to 5 times a day. If any one out their can explain to me what's going on and how to fix it that would help out tremendously. My IT department has no clue about this issue and my reseller has not gotten back to me so I'm stuck with this crippling problem. Any help would be appreciated.

mastercam sim error.png

Annotation 2021-09-02 085825.png

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It sounds like you've got some issues with your custom machine definition. Machine Simulation is trying to get around them each time by applying a default definition when you launch into Verify or Sim, but it doesn't fix the issues with your machine file.

Right off the bat, I'd ask how you defined your tool/holder components in the machine. If you added the holder Spindle group component instead of the single holder transform group, this along with incorrect definition of direction/etc might lead to your error message:



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1 hour ago, Müřlıń® said:

Guys I just had this happen to me.

My machine sim works flawlessly with all other files.

Since I set my inc save to 50, I found a saved file where the error does not occur.

It appears that it is not in the machine sim but the Mastercam file.

All the other files use the same XML file in the sim.


Please send this in to [email protected] with a part file and detailed description of the problem so we can take a look. Referencing this thread would help as well.

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Well turns out for Murlin it was a Windows Permissions issue. He had not setup his machine to allow his user account full control for Mastercam. He sent me the file I opened it and was able to get it running. Once I did I was able to save the file using Zip2Go and his problem went away. I showed him how to set the must have premssions for Mastercam to prevent these issues and he should be good to go.

1 minute ago, Chally72 said:

Please send this in to [email protected] with a part file and detailed description of the problem so we can take a look. Referencing this thread would help as well.

He cannot the part is under ITAR. I was going to send you an email about it, but got him taken care of.

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