Help creating toolpath to skim cut stock

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A little back story on this: currently, on every single lathe program we make, the first operation we do is either run a skim cut around .03 deep into whatever diameter stock we're using, and around 3 inches long.  We then will program our steady rest to locate and clamp on this cleaned up area.  The way I currently am doing this is manually drawing a line in wireframe at the desired depth into the stock and then using a rough toolpath chained to that line.

Is there a way to create a toolpath that could easily be imported into a new program to accomplish this instead of having to manually do it for every program we do?  The biggest issue is that the stocks are almost never the same diameter.  I feel like there should be an easy way to accomplish this and I'm just missing something.

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right click on your toolpath and export your toolpath and import to a new part. all your settings stay, just move your X line to your new depth and regen

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