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Is the 'Calculable Value Field' broken in Mastercam 2022?

Colin Gilchrist

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In any of the Value Fields in Mastercam with a yellow background, I'm used to there being a "calculator" in there. You could always type "a mathematical expression", press "enter", and the value would be calculated according to the rules of precedence. You can even use parentheses () to order your operations.

I've noticed in 2022, that Analyze Entity Properties (F4) is not allowing me to perform math. I see the results of the expression briefly, but then the value just goes back to the old number. It has been extremely frustrating to edit wireframe, with what is normally a rock-solid function.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? I tried switching off everything including my Wi-Fi, to see if maybe One-Drive was messing with the file, but I'm not having any luck with getting the following to work:



1.09375/2     < Even simple division isn't working!

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