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under cut toolpath


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Looking for some ideas on how to cut the underside of this. Tried just about every tool path I can think of and cant come up with any clean paths. 

Have to use a 2.5" dia wheel cutter to get in there. The thickest it can be is .375" with .125R. Nothing on that under surface is flat, the walls are but those are easy to do. It curves down until gets to front side and then starts to curve the other way. So I need to be able to balllnose it.



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I have done pylons like this before, I would not even hesitate to go with saw style cutters and old school toolpaths like Surface finish Contour. I think the biggest issue I see are the drilled holes at 90 deg. One of the ones we did was to big to even fit in the 5 axis, We had to stand them on their side and use a horizontal with an anglehead. Bottom line you are gonna want to dig out as much material as you can how ever you can and then (pro tip) let it rest and requalify before adding features of tolerance. This thing is going to warp... Have fun, these are the kinds of projects that you are going to learn alot

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28 minutes ago, Aaron Eberhard said:

I'm totally biased, but I'm agreeing with Ron..

The 5 axis toolpaths make this stuff so much easier, I wouldn't even mess with the old skool stuff (sorry Pete! :)).

I probably would these days too. but in my defense the one I did was 40 inch's long and the fastest way to get material out was a 2 inch shell mill and a 6 inch saw. Back then I wasnt to hip on using 5 axis paths like triangular mesh locked in 3 or 4 axis, these days I would love a part like that to show up.

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