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Performance issue - new Workstation?


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Hello all together!

I hope I am here in the right forum?

perhaps someone can help me with my situation:

A customer of ours is using the following workstation for Mastercom 2022.
- Intel Xeon E5-1620 V4 (4C/8T @3.5GHz)
- Nvidia T1000 8GB
- 16GB DDR4
- 512GB Sata SSD
- Monitor: Dell UP3218K (8k)

He uses it for designing and rendering (milling and rendering).
Now the customer says the system is sometimes very sluggish and when rendering it also takes a long time from time to time
The IT service that serviced him in relation to this software and plugins 
said that his system was perfectly fine and that there was no performance problem of the workstation, 
but it was a network problem.

According to me, however, this system is too weak for his kind of work.
In combination with the huge resolution, it needs a lot more performance.
Now my question is; Should he replace his workstation or just upgrade it?
I think an upgrade is the wrong way here.
I would like to suggest the following systems to my customer:

Workstation 1:
- Lenovo ThinStation P358
-- AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 5845 (8C/16T @ 3.4GHz)
-- 32GB DDR4 (or 64GB?)
-- Nvidia RTX A2000 - 12GB
-- 512GB PCIe 4.0 nVme

or Workstation 2:
- HP Z2 G9
-- Intel i9-12900k (8C+8C/24T @ 3.2GHz)
-- 32GB DDR5 (or 64GB?)
-- Nvidia RTX A4000 - 16GB
-- 1TB PCIe 4.0 nVme

thank you already in advance,
any input is much appreciated!

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The cpu listed is a 6year old dog! The A1000 is probably not the best choice either if focusing on rendering, specially if you're trying to feed that monitor 8k. 


You probably need to start over with the system since upgrading would still leave you on that MB with that xeon. 


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I would go this way, I'd bump it up to 64gigs RAM and 2 SSD's...that I9 will blow that Xeon away

or Workstation 2:
- HP Z2 G9
-- Intel i9-12900k (8C+8C/24T @ 3.2GHz)
-- 32GB DDR5 (or 64GB?)
-- Nvidia RTX A4000 - 16GB
-- 1TB PCIe 4.0 nVm



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