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step dwell

Brent Macdon

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Is there a way to step dwell in mastercam lathe 2021?  I'm running a large spade drill to the maximum my machine can handle which wont allow for proper chipping.  a dwell every couple of mm would allow for chip beak off and clean out.  I'm currently just pausing the feed manually every couple of mm.  I know I could go peck dwell but large spade drills aren't very happy when you do this and also adds cycle time.  thanks for any input.

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If this is a Fanuc, won't G82 do this? You really don't want a dwell in the bottom where the tool is still contacting the part. Certain circumstances you may trash your tool or work harden the part. In G82, the tool stops after each peck, backs up a certain amount (set in a parameter) then drills again until finished.

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Do you have G73 (chip break) cycle available?

N0820 G00 G90 X.993 Y-.45 (B270.)
N0830 G43 H07 Z2.68 S3569 M03
N0840 G99 G73 Z1.98 R2.68 Q.0938 F46.05 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
N0850 Y-2.05
N0860 G80
N0870 G00 Z9.2089
N1 M99


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