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Deep 45 with smaller tool


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im doing a .250 x 45 on a part, pretty basic. ive put a contour in and did multi passes along with depth cuts. this is a solid carbide tool that has short depth of cut and not the best setup(this is not the exact part in my part file but is the exact hole size and chamfer)  so smaller cuts are good. the only problem is this toolpath has a lot of air cuts. ive tried trimming the toolpath but cant seem to get it right. looking for all suggestions, im open to using a different tool path. thanks 



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I have had great success with a one pass very small steps bottom up path. No need for a roughing pass. A simple contour will output all straight G1 G3 combo for a very short gcode and minimizes faceting. There are always so many factors. Customer, part, material, etc. etc. for the smoothest finish a large chamfermill is still the best option IMHO A smaller chamfermill always leaves a little step between passes.

Sometimes K.I.S.S. works better than all the advanced stuff

CHAMFER (2).mcam

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