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Chip Fan


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Taking a look at chip clearing fans, all looks good on the videos, but would like user opinion. How effective are these ?  Obviously designed for use on enclosed machines only, but are there any other  limitations/downsides ? Do you incorporate into your program with TLO or MDI/Handwheel ? If so, how close do you get to the part and do you include it in program simulation?


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We have the small lang. It works but you have to make a few facing passed to clear big pockets. The center doesn't really provide push because the blade isn't there.  I put an approximate tool length in and tweak it as needed.


It will suck loc lines into it and destroy itself if they are too close.

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I use them on all types of materials, steels included.  I bought the large one from Redline tools, but they're all basically identical.  As @Leon82 said, the center doesn't move much air so you have to "face" using the outsides.  I have a subprogram that just does a quick, general pass.  But for more specific chip clearing you can just use a facing toolpath.  


I dunno if they all do, but mine also has a center hole that can be used as a TSC jet, if theres stubborn areas.

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haas has them too now https://www.haascnc.com/haas-tooling/tooling_accessories/cnc_clearing_fans.html

there are some models out there that do not fold as well, not sure if they would last longer but less moving parts https://www.bigkaiser.eu/en/products/accessories/cleaner/chip-fan/100488.html 

and a bunch of other brands too so not only these. 

someone once told me that they do not run very balanced and that it can cause bearing wear, but i dont really believe that and im sure they are probably balanced well. not sure if anyone knows if these chip fans are balanced well or not or if there is a brand to avoid for any reason. i have been wanting to get one for a while too so interested in seeing what people think on these


also i seen someone once that had a machine with Through Spindle Air blast that put a little nozzle on the end of a regular tool holder and just used the machines built in through spindle air to blast chips away with any old holder. they just took the tip from an air gun and mounted it into an endmill holder. 

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