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Dia. offset variable adjustment

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simple example

a single line cut using Ccomp. I need to weigh balance this part so I want to use one program.

can I use a macro to make a change to tool 1 Dia. offset at the top of the program to auto change the D value and run the same program over and over using different amounts of stock removal using dia. comp?

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To understand you better, you need to balance a part and keep it's weight w/in a certain range? And you do this by cutting 1 straight wall on the part?

I assume you are taking the part out after every pass you currently make to weight and balance it?

I think it would come down to how accurate your balancing device and scale is and if your balancing device has any kind of scale on it. If you can find a correlation between how much the weight is off compared to the balance of the part I think you probably could.

Lets say your part is 1 ounce to heavy and you've determined that removing that same 1 ounce will put the part in perfect balance. You can calculate how much material you need to take off that wall to remove 1 ounce. You could just make a chart that would tell you how much to reduce the tool diameter by to remove the 1 ounce or you could make a macro where you can either put say #700=1 (where the number after = sign is how much weight you need to remove) and you would edit this number for every part or you could manually change #700 in you macro variable table so you don't have to edit your program. Then you add some macro code to calculate how much material needs to be removed and adjust the tool diameter. With either method you would want to reset your tool diameter back to nominal after every part (which can be done thru code) so that you don't accidentally cut to much material off on the next part.

More info and pics of the part and the edge you cut would be needed to get a better idea if this would work for you.

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I got this to work without having to edit the program or enter data on the offset page, simply entering data to #101,#102,#103. I'm setting this up for a green operator to run.

now to crash proof it. If they dont enter anything the offsets stay at zero and tool wont cut any material. Now if they enter to large of a negative value it will scrap the part.  So I need to figure out a GT statement for a max negative value.

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