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getting the print screen image of a graphic view

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I have another question regarding Nethook options.


I would like to make a printscreen image of a graphic view.

I can succesfully save the image of the entire screen. I use this method for this:


        	Rectangle bounds = Screen.GetBounds(Point.Empty);

       	// create the bitmap to copy the screen shot to
       	Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(bounds.Width, bounds.Height);

       	// now copy the screen image to the graphics device from the bitmap
       	using (Graphics gr = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap))
           	gr.CopyFromScreen(Point.Empty, Point.Empty, bounds.Size);

       	return bitmap;


But the problem is that this method returns image of the entire screen.


I would like to get the image of only a graphic window.


I see 2 possible solutions to this:

  • get the bounds of the graphic screen and use them in the previously shown method
  • use direct function from mastercam (if it exists) to get the image directly (like the Screen/To clipboard function inside of Mastercam)

I was checking the Nethhok help but I see no option to achieve any of these using nethook functions.


Any of the solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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Have you tried ...


Mastercam.Mastercam.IO.FileManager.SaveToBitmap(String FilePath)


"This is used to save the graphics view of the currently opened file to a bitmap file."


Parameters: FilePath (String)

This should be the full, backslash-delimited path of the bitmap file you wish to create.


Return Value:

True if the bitmap file was created successfully and false if not.

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yeah, but this one only creates bitmap 256x256 pixels.


I would like to have a big image.



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Yes, that's it.


If the current graphic screen is 1052x897 (it depends on the size of the screen and the number of toolbars the user has ) I want to capture it into the image of the same size.


I always wandered why the SaveToBitmap(String FilePath) didn't save to a large image.

Ususaly we need printscreens bigger than 256x256.


I want to have the same functionality as "Screen/Copy screen image to clipboard" does (it creates imege of the graphic screen in the original size).


Best regards.

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Hello and a lucky new year to you all,

i have a further question about creating screenshot or better creating a print like File/Print.

Let's assume, that the setup for printer, orientation, color etc. is done.
Is it then possible to control that print function with a chook-function (in MC2019 and above) ?

Maybe the undocumented function "send_file_to_printer(class CStdioFile *, int, wchar_t *)" is the key for that?

Please help.

Best regards

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Thank you Roger,


that works fine.

But now i have found that i cant't store that print in a file without manually enter the path (with an pdf printer driver).  That's what i want to avoid.

Now i think like acam did. Make a printscreen image and than store it as a bmp in the directory where the mc-file lives.

I'm able to store that bmp with "screen_to_bitmap_file(...)"

 That works also. But what if i want to manipulate that image before storing it. Saw the function "screen _to_Bitmap(...)" and got the same problems as acam.

How to get the bitmap-size in "graphic screen in the original size"?


Best regards




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Try this function -

DLLImport bool screen_to_bitmap_file (TCHAR *pFileName, bool thumbnail = true);

It is the native (C++) method that the NET-Hook API is using via -

bool FileManager.SaveToBitmap (string FilePath, bool Thumbnail)

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