Tool and Holder Creation with NETHook

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I have to develop an interface between MasterCAM and our Tool Database System.

So i need to transfert Tool and Holder descriptions from our software to MasterCam.


By using the NetHook API i've seen that the tool creation is easy (EndMillFlatTool, etc...) but i can't find how to manage the Tool Holder:

-the default holder parameters ( Holder Length and diameter) displayed in the "Define Tool" window

-the holder stored in a holder library


is it possible to do that with the NetHook API or do i have to use the CHook API?


Thanks for your help.


PS: I'm using the X5 MU1 version.

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The X5 MU1 NETHook API can manipulate a sub-set of the the (Mill/Drill) Tool parameters.

There is no "Holder" support. I assume you are talking about the HST-style holders.

Manipulating .HOLDER file data can be done - without Mastercam, as they are a very simple binary format.

email me SDK<at>mastercam<dot>com if you want the details of the data layout in a HOLDER file.

*Please include your company info.

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I'm resurrecting this post because I would like to know if access to the holder definition, and the ability to create an tool and holder assembly, has been added to the VB NETHook API? I'm trying to build a tool library from our Excel inventory list and need to create tool and holder assemblies for the dedicated tools loaded in our 5-axis. Thank you.

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In the object browser in visual studios search holder ->

There is a holder type object : Mastercam::Database::ToolHolder::Holder.

The object appears to take a system collection list of "segements" as well as the HolderName, Diameter, Length etc.

I would start with creating one of those objects and trying to fill it with the parameters from your excel file.



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