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Welcome to


Before posting, please read the forum guidelines:


Forum Guidelines


If you are requesting help, please, if you can include a z2g file with your request. Many times there can be many

possibilities to the issue or difficulty that you are experiencing. Sharing a file, z2g especially if it's a posting issue,

will help someone to more easily help you.


It is understandable that there are files that cannot be publicly shared, in those situations, your reseller would be

you best resource. They can and do sign NDA agreements to protect your data.



Use the search function to see if your problem has already been solved


Advanced Search


To use search effectively, follow these hints


When you use X+ Setup Sheet as a search term it looks in every thread for that combination of words, not the phrase


If you use "X+ setup sheet" with quotes around it as a search term, it will look ONLY for that complete phrase




Chris Rizzo has an online Dynamic Milling Database which can be found here:


Dynamic Milling Database



If you would like to upload data to the Dynamic Milling Database, you can do so here:


Upload Form


The X+ Setup sheet from GMCCS can be downloaded from here:


GMCCS Download page


Here is a thread with many questions and discussion about the X+ Setup Sheet:


X+ Setup Sheet Discussion thread



The Verisurf Hole axis utility a free utility provide to Mastercam users by Verisurf, download from here:


Verisurf Hole Axis for X5


Verisurf Hole Axis for X6


Verisurf tools for Mastercam X7


Here is the on-going discussion thread relating too Verisurf Hole Axis:


Verisurf Hole Axis discussion thread


Wondering how your computer stacks up or what other people are having success with for computer systems and hardware, check out the benchmark thread


Computer Benchmark Thread


Need to upload a file for someone to help with, upload to the FTP


ftp://mastercam:[email protected]/


For instructions on how, if you don't know how, they can be found here:


FTP Instructions


Anyone believing a topic should be pinned in this thread, please contact any Mod or Webby

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