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Bring solidworks file in to mill?


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So I am very new to mastercam (we are using it at my school and I have got the basics down), and I am wanting to create a case for my iPhone, and mill it. I have found a few models on grabcad that looks do-able. Unfortuantely, no matter what I try, any time I import something into mastercam all the green lines are selected at once- this makes it impossible to create a toolpath to mill it. I cannot figure out how to split the lines, break does not seem to work, neither does other file types (parasolid, STEP, etc). Nothing. How do I get the model split apart, without having to completely do it in mastercam? I have been using solidworks to view the file and mastercam to mill.

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if you click screen >> Statistics


If it only says 1 solid and doesn't show lines, arcs and/or splines


You have no wire frame you only have a solid body


If you only have a solid body, which is likely, hit ALT + S so you solid shades


ON the menu, click


Create >> Curve >> All Edges, then click the solid body so it highlights, then click the green ball


Now if you click Screen >> Statistics, you should have lines, arc and wire frame geometry


And if none of that works, you need to go speak to your instructor

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Welcome to the forum. You have a long road ahead of you. Pleases read the following.






There are tons of free videos and tutorials available.


Here's one example. http://www.cudacount...ercamx_toc.html


The content available for purchase here (in the store) covers much more.


(Mods. Please do not remove the last link posted. It's legit and helpful )

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Ok, will do. They are on my windows partition (running under Mac os, so itll take me a sec), but I'll get them up.


Unfortunately, I have next to nil training. I am just in high school ,so have not had much of a chance to learn. But I figure doing a project I will actually use will get me somewhere with the software.


The instructor went over toolpaths and basic milling, but not much more.


Basically what I am trying to recreate is this Id America case (http://www.idamerica...roduct_id=29778)


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File looks fine now.


On a new level and different colour create- curve-curve on all edges. Then select the activate solids selection button. Then select select body button.


Then select your toolpaths using the curves created on the new level, 2d toolpaths are all you need for this file. I always use as many 2d toolpaths as possible before cutting from a surface or solid.









Not sure if this is what you were looking for or not?


Good luck!

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