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Dynamic Core Mill - What the _ am I doing wrong?

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I sure hope someone can help me solve this problem. I've tried everything I can think of to get a dynamic core mill to work, but have had no success. I sent the file off to my VAR and their tech had a toolpath working in no time, but I can't duplicate his results. (Different settings in his system, perhaps?) Anyway, the file is attached. The red rectangle is the outline of the stock; the lavender rectangle is an avoidance region where clamps would be positioned; and the green shape is the part boundary. Each is on its own level. The goal is to profile all edges of the part, except for the one abutting the avoidance region. In the attached file, the avoidance region is being disregarded. Why? I'm running X6 MU3 on a Windows XP machine.


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you have 1 single region selected

when you chain

select the red chain first

green check mark

change to avoidance regions

and make sure that you select 2 closed chains

1 being the green one and another being the lavender one


that should work for you

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Here's where the confusion sets in. The Avoidance region is actually what you want to machine. Think of a simple 2d contour around a part. You select the chain, tell it how much stock to leave and so on. Obviously if you needed to stay out of a certain area, you would not select the entire part perimeter, you would just use a partial chain or an entire, non-closed chain.


With Dynamic milling, the avoidance region would be the same chain you selected in the old school 2d contour path but is typically closed, avoiding this chain by the same value you would have entered in the old school tool path. The stock (Machining Region) defines the raw amount of material to be removed and the cutter only works in this region. Because your Stock overlaps your clamping area and the entire part, it's going to try and machine around the entire part profile and through your clamps to get rid of this material. Notice the word region. The cutter can and usually does roll around the corners of the stock so pay attention.


In your case, get rid of the Lavender chain all together. Copy your part profile, which is your Avoidance region, to the level where the stock profile is. Shut off the part profile level and take the lowest line out of the copied part profile. Extend the two lines (outside edges in X) on the part profile and trim them to the Stock boundary. Trim the stock boundary (Machining Region) so that it does not cover or include your clamps in this area. It should look kind of like a horse shoe.


They really need to rename the Avoidance region to something better suited to the goal of the task at hand.


This link may help some.



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ajmer: I did what you suggested and the result is close to what I want, except that the cutter takes a pass around the avoidance region. See attached file CORE MILL TEST_AJMER


MCM: Very interesting and I think I understand your concept. When I follow your instructions, however, the result seems to be exactly the opposite of what I'm looking for. See attached file CORE MILL TEST_MCM



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change the retract motion to when avoiding a boundary

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Since your Lavender chain represents your CLAMPS, portions of that need to be included in Avoidance region. Sorry about the confusion. See the pics.


Typically, I separate the chains by raising or lowering the Z, of either chain. This eliminates branch points when selecting the chains. Under linking parameters, set your clearance higher than the clamps and shut off retract.


I'm not sure how you chained those entities to get those results in the MCM file, but that tactic may actually work in a different part scenario.




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