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Mastercam X7 for SolidWorks 13...uh oh!


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I am user support for my school district. The CAD/CAM teacher, who uses SolidWorks, recently purchased Mastercam for SolidWorks. He typically installs things himself and came to me with problems after installing Mastercam for SolidWorks. Mastercam is version x7. SolidWorks is the Education 2013 version, SP3 - 5, depending on which machines have been tinkered with.


I will try to give as much background as possible on the setups and I can fill in where necessary.

- Using Dell Precision T1650 workstations

- Quard-core Xeon CPUs

- Win7 32-bit w/4GB RAM

- Win7 64-bit w/8GB RAM. (The difference is because 4 of his 15 machines are a year newer with better specs.)


I will be honest, I have no idea how either software works and have never used them myself. I have only been trying to fix this from a troubleshooting/software standpoint. I'd be very happy for some help or direction.


He installed SolidWorks 2013 Educational himself, on all workstations. Without the Mastercam plugin loaded, when he opens an assembly file from a mapped network drive (that the student computers ONLY Have read access to) he gets the "read-only" warning but proceeds anyway. After a few moments, the file opens and they can work. I assume they save changes to the local hard drive, or are only viewing and not changing for more of a "theory" approach.


After he installed Mastercam on all workstations, and it is loaded at startup, he does the same process and gets the same screens...until the system tries to load the associated ".sldprt" files for the assembly. Then for almost each one you receive a warning dialog titled, "Database Setup Error," with the text, "Unable to open the master database due to the following database access error: Unspecified error." You can click OK to go on but will be prompted MANY more times, for almost every single file referenced. The part names being referenced at the bottom of the screen are pointing to locally installed parts that I have verified ARE present, in the "C:\SolidWorks Data\browser\Ansi Inch\..." folder structure.


During this process, the SolidWorks Resources Monitor begins screaming that "SolidWorks" is running low on memory..." Sometimes the application will allow you to continue through all the warnings and the file will eventually complete loading. Other times it will crash SolidWorks alltogether. Still other times will yield different errors,. I have attached three screenshots of the various messages I get, and I don't always get them every time. It is not consistent.


Now, with all of that said, I have ZERO problems opening the same exact file, from one of his 64-bit machines. SolidWorks does not scream at me, and no error messages. However, our 32-bit systems do meet the specs of Mastercam. The only difference I can think of is that on the 64-bit machines SolidWorks installed as the 64-bit version .


I have done considerable troubleshooting on this issue and have found that GDI objects are not outrageously high, network and locally stored files get the same messages, and all the info related to the error messages I am seeing do not help me. GDI objects around just over 3,000 on BOTH 32 and 64-bit systems when both applications are loaded.


If I turn off Mastercam, SolidWorks will open the same files just fine and not complain at all, not even the Resource Monitor. I am loosing what little hair I still have, and would appreciate ANY insight into this issue. I even went so far as to completely wipe a machine, build it with a fresh Win 7 Pro, latest updates, and still it pukes all over itself.




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So, everything works when Mastercam for Solidworks is disabled, but Mastercam support is blaming Solidworks? Has there been any progress on this issue in the past month? I noticed MC4SW hasn't been updated since May, but hopefully you're getting some kind of help form the reseller...

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