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Dire need of help

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We had a programmer here who used to post to our robodrill 5 axis. However, I think when he updated his machines and post as time went on he kept them on his "box".


I can NOT find anything to use. I tried running update utiliy on a post he had but it keeps saying psb missing something or other.


I am trying to get a machine/control def to work but it is giving me inverse codes.


For instance, the A can only go to positive 90 (rotating about Y to the left from operators POV)( hence making all X locations negative). I get A-90 and X(s) positive. NOT good.


The other odd thing I get is the C . I know A90 and C 90 are my first operations but could only get the code to show A-90 C180... what the?


I am of course too short for time to run this by our reseller. Job is hot and already on the machine.


Any ideas?





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Thanks Ron,


Does the machine def control anything on the output? I used the machine sim and everything goes the correct way. Backplot shows negative X values.


I have A axis on the table which rotates about the y axis. On that I have a C axis which rotates about Z. I have chosen every different possible axis combination in the machine def and it always posts the same.


Pulling my hair out. Job has to run Monday.

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The Machine Definition is not hooked up to any 5 Axis post from CNC. When you look for an older copy of the PST file, also look for the .PSB file. The PSB is the encrypted portion of the post, and you must have both the PST and PSB named exactly the same, and in the same folder for it to work in Mastercam.


If you can find a copy of the old PST and PSB, then Update Post should work to get you a working copy in X7. I would recommend copying both the PST/PSB files in the X6 folder, and just pick your new folder (Shared Mcamx7 > Mill > Posts) as the spot to put them. Once you've got both files there, use Update Post.


Hope that helps,



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Bill like Colin said it is not connected that would all be controlled in the post. I can imagine the stress you are under been there and done that to many times. Like Colin said see if you can locate the old stuff and make sure the .pst and .psb are in the same place and have the same name before updating and life should get better. If all esle fails look to the HAAS 5 axis post and see if it gives you output close to what you need or try some of the other ones.

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See if you can perhaps locate and older z2g file that he might have made...if you get lucky, there may well be a copy of what you need in that file.


I can't tell you how many times that saved a customers bacon in the past

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Thanks guys.


It is the .psb I am trying to find. Problem being these (two) companies merged together about 2 years ago. Nearly all of the programmers have since left. The two that remain are Gibbs guys.


I have my reseller looking into it for me.


Very irritating. To say the least.

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