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Solidworks model coming into Mastercam wrong


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I am having a very weird problem, that I am curious if anyone else has come across.

I have a very simple part modeled in Solidworks. It is just a rectangular plate, with a rectangular boss in the middle of it. The height of the boss is 0.410" when I measure it in Solidworks on my computer. When it is checked out of PDMworks, and pulled into Mastercam, the height of the boss is 0.361".

If I save off a .stp file on a USB, and then pull that into Mastercam, it is correct.

This is not the first time we have had a weird translation issue like this, but it is usually on more complex parts, that have multiple configurations. Still not acceptable, but at least more understandable.


I am using Solidworks 2012 X64 SP5.0 and Mastercam X5.

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In all my years, that is one I have never seen


Are you by chance bringing in a secondary reference system from Solidworks that isn't at zero?


I'd be curious to look at your part if you can share it....

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