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Catching up with the times (looking for toolpath replcement for Flowline...


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Hello all.


I am in X6 MU2.




So, been in Mastercam since V9 days, and to this day, still using Flowline for certain things...


I am trying to update my methods to using only the newer style Surface High Speed toolpaths.


I have attached a picture of an operation that I still use Flowline for.


I would like to find a Surface High Speed toolpath that will give me a similar result.


So far have yet to find something that will give me the result I need.



In the picture, the toolpath is zig-zagging side to side. I need to see it do that, and would need any "new" toolpath to do the same.


I tried raster, and it gave somewhat of a result, but not fully what I need to see. (See pics below)


The best I so far could get with it was zig-zagging up and down, but for the cut, that is un-acceptable





Any ideas would be appreciated.


Yes, I could continue to use Flowline, but would like to find something newer and better...(and not just for the sake of "newer")





Old Flowline toolpathpost-14786-0-51100400-1410551172_thumb.png


New Raster Toolpathpost-14786-0-46060800-1410551177_thumb.png

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I've found Waterline is a great replacement for the old Surface/Finish/Flowline... no need for containments most of the time... just check surfaces... switch it to zigzag instead of climb... and set your transitions to straight, unless you like the other transitions.


Also, click the box to "Add Cuts" and make sure your "Max Stepover Profile" is set to the same stepover as your "Stepdown."

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what if you're using a lollipop type cutter, doing an undercut like surface? i use flowline but recently had a job that kept gouging the part, i switched to surface finish contour with containment and it worked better but still milled in areas where it should not have when doing a compare to the solid.

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All good was just trying make sure that they know what was supported. thanks for helping on the forum.

No problem... I have learned sooooo much from this forum, and I just want to give a little back.


Like the title of this thread suggests... and IMHO, I think everyone should be looking to replace the old toolpaths with the newer ones.


With the exception of u-cuts surfaces... I almost never click on anything but the new High Speed toolpaths anymore.

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