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"How can I" (the famous starting line ...) "create a silhouete boundary with .NET-Hook, or C-Hook .... in MC_X9 ?
Would it be possible to use "FT Functions" ? 

For example, in other topic about "Rolling" geometry I´ve read your advice to use code in C-Hook :
post_FT_command ("Mastercam", "do_xform_roll"); 

So, can something like that be used from .NET Hook to generate "Silhouete" ?
In Mastercam.ft I´ve found FT function 
"create_SilhouetteBoundary", so in C-Hook I could do it like :


post_FT_command ("Mastercam","create_SilhouetteBoundary");    ?   

That would do it ? 

OK, if that works, the questions that raise are : 
- first I have to select geometry that would be used for Silhouete ... how can I do that ? 
- first I must choose Level, View, etc. (that would be destination for Silhouete boundary) .... how can I do that ? 

Can we call FT functions also  from .NET-C# hooks ?
How would this same code look like (select view, level, geometry and then call FT "create_SilhouetteBoundary" ... )  in .NET-C#  ?


thanks a lot. !  

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You can run the FT command for solid selection first, 

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