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Tool Axis Control Lines dump selection

Lord Wukits

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I use tons of tool axis control lines to help me surface, and trim molds. I keep having issues whereas the company has a new design that is similar to an existing part. As such I copy the tool path into the new part machine group[using same fixture] . The issue arises when I need to select new Tool Axis Control Lines.... and as soon as I click on the selection button.... Crash to desktop. Originally I thought it was due to me deleting the Tool Axis Control line sketch prior to me deselecting them from the tool path. Though with the parts as stated above, I made a new sketch with a few minor changes.
Is there a way for me to dump tool axis control selections? Would deleting the toolpath geometry work?  

I'm using Solidworks 2017 with Mastercam for Solidworks 2017. 

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I just copied a toolpath[curve 5 axis] from one machine group to  a new machine group. 


Are you importing the tool path?

Copying 5 axis toolpaths "can" be issue

Importing the tool path from  the same file I had open worked. Looks like copying a 5 axis toolpath is buggy.

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