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Mastercan 2018 for Solidworks... whats the advantage?


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So I just started using MCFSW.  Already im missing the familiar mastercam 'ambiance' .   I can model in SW and toolpath in Mcam.  Modeling in mcam is fine for me too.  So my question is....whats the real advantage of MCFSW?   

One thing that bugs me is that my spacepilot is inactive during verfiy in mcfsw.


Thanks for any feedback



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IMHO really comes down to what you are doing and the need you have. If I was doing families of parts where only one thing changed then it would be my go to method. I would work out all the parametric stuff I needed and then work up a spread sheet to drive them. Then I would populate the spread sheet from a data I pulled from my engineering department and be off to the races.

For what I do where a part can take 1600 hours to program to one that can take 1 hour I stick with Mastercam.

Besides now that Solidworks is pushing their own CAM how long before they don't allow 3rd party CAM to the show anymore?

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21 hours ago, C^Millman said:

Besides now that Solidworks is pushing their own CAM how long before they don't allow 3rd party CAM to the show anymore

SW2018 comes with a light version of their new CAM system which is supplied by CAMWorks

I'm helping a guy who owns a seat of CamWorks for SolidWorks.

His files open in my seat of SW 2018 and all of the CAMWorks toolpaths come in as well.

He has had CamWorks for Solidworks for several years and is very unhappy with it.

So unhappy he is getting quotes to upgrade to Catia.

IMO SolidWorks made a bad choice when they partnered with CAMWorks for a bundled cam system.

I do not believe the partnership will be successful


edit .....  unless SW wants to invest a boat load of money into improving CAMWorks

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I would only consider this if I was modelling a lot of complex parts. As it is most of my solid modelling is for tooling, for which MC is perfectly adequate.

We have stand alone SW here as well, so if I need to do something too complex for MC I just do it in SW and import the model....

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CAMwork is prolly envious of HSMworks getting picked up by Autodesk and being actively developed across their line. Notably Fusion360. It's very slick with an amazing workflow. What's more amazing is the price.**cough** for right now.

The change in business model should put the market on notice. It's going to be interesting when Autodesk looks at YOUR data on THEIR servers and decides to adjust what it's all worth to you.:rolleyes:

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