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Trying to cut the walls of a semi-steep pocket that has no floor. I want to climb mill, but using tool motion from bottom to top.

The tool path wants to go around the perimeter of the pocket in a counter-clockwise motion, and I need it to move clockwise.
Is there a way to force the overall direction of travel?
We are currently going in the direction of the red arrow, and I want the green.
I have played with start locations, containment boundary chain directions, and sweep angles to no effect.


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Your  header says radial , but  I would say radial is not the best toolpath , because your toolpath density will vary depending on how far away you are from the city center :)

Also in radial it makes no difference which direction you are laying your toolpaths , especially with the  heart shape  depicted in the pic.  

Aside from these introductory comments I'll try to answer your problem.  The High speed radial does not give you  the control over the toolpath across step direction..

So :

solution 1. use the old school Radial . if you enter 0 and  -/+360 degs  you will control the across step direction.

solution 2 . Use the fact that your geometry is symmetrical along the Y direction to your advantage and apply  Toolpath transform , Mirror /method : coordinate, source:NCI /.

solution 3 . Don't use Radial at all . I would use waterline or old school contour.

solution 4. Backplot your toolpath and save it as geometry.  Use 2d contour with compensation off to chain the saved toolpath in the other direction.



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Thanks for the help pullo!

This is a stripper plate to a mold, made out of treated S7. We just got switched over to 2018 from X5, and the boss man insisted on using this toolpath. The other more experienced guys were trying to get it to work and couldn't get it figured out.

Thanks again.

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OK sense it is a stripper  plate he wants the cut to go out words to help pull.

Now the only way to get to go one way is of course tell one way so it will pickup between each slice. Also find the best common point in the middle of the cavity to be the radial direction.  

You are also as pullo was stating you really do not have good  control on step over between slices so keeplease the degrees small.

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