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parameter number

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Hello all,
  I would like to know what are the parameter number for WORK OFFSET, MANUAL (1) and AUTOMATIC (2) ... and the yellow box value (3)....

PS: I have tried this and didn't work... (CPLANE or TPLANE)

     if prmcode$ = 13868, WorkOffsetAutomatic = rpar(sparameter$, 1)
     if prmcode$ = 13869, WorkOffsetManual = rpar(sparameter$, 1)

Thanks for the help.


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I don't have time to look up which specific parameter numbers these are, but I can tell you something for certain:

The "Work Offset" option, where there are 2 radio buttons for "manual" and "automatic", will only use a single Parameter Number!!!

When you have a "choice" in a dialog, where there is a title to a control like "Work offset:", with a list of choices, dictated by Radio Button options, there is only one parameter.

What happens is the value of this Parameter Number will change, to indicate, which choice from the list was selected.

Let's say for sake of example, the parameter is 12345.

When 12345 = 0, the 1st option is selected.

When 12345 = 1, then the 2nd option is selected.

Most of the parameters work this way. There is a single parameter number, to indicate a range of possible settings, when the choices are dictated by Radio Button Selections.

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is an alternative method to find parameter number directly obtain from the operation 

e.g Tool dia - XXXX ( Dialog Box)

if I enter #123 will give me directly parameter number 

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