Using subprograms/subroutines with AXYZ router?

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HI all. I'm in another pinch and hope someone can help me out.


We just bought an AXYZ gantry router at the turn of the year, and after much headaches and troubleshooting related to a bad board installed, we're up and running.

Ran two separate 1-up programs no sweat, and now we're trying to get a multiple-up program running, but we're having trouble getting the machine to accept the NC code for subroutine call-up. Here is a snippet of the code the machine will not accept and errors on:





The documentation from their site says P specifies sub number, and the subs themselves require an O...all normal stuff, nothing unexpected there. Also says that an "L" is optional for repeats, but I'm not using any. I'm just trying to run a pattern and transform it one time over to the right and then one time up in "Y", producing a 2-x-2 pattern. The machine will verify the pattern from the main prog runs right but each of the three subs called up produce a ballooned-up pattern of ever-growing circles off the main pattern. I'm not sure how else to program the sub call up; there aren't too many variables to try. Playing phone-tag with them is a no-go today, so does anyone have any experience with AXYZ subroutine execution? We needed a custom post-processor from Cimquest to use Mastercam with this machine and this seems to work fine posting 1-up NC code. Any help at all would be appreciated, and apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.





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You're programming in incremental mode. Try changing the G91 to G90 and see what happens.

Edit: Change the program into absolute mode (G90) and repost.

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Might want to look into some sort of workshifts either g52, g54-g55, or heaven forbid going back to using G92's.  Everything should be programmed in absolute. Plain, flipping a contour program from inc to abs, will be disastrous.

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